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Tower Park - Environmental Policy

At Tower Park we care for the environment.  Please help us by reading our policy and following the suggestions.

What we do…..


We recycle all our glass, tins, paper, cardboard and plastic bottles.
Please separate your rubbish and use the bins provided around the site for recycling.

Energy Conservation
We have a solar hot water system which we had installed in 2008 replacing aged and inefficient electric immersion heaters.  This provides hot water for the showers, hand basins, laundry, dishwashing and kitchen.
We are replacing all the light bulbs around the site with low energy, long-life ones and have replaced the old tumble dryer with a new energy efficient one.
Please try to save energy whenever possible.  Do not leave taps running and switch off unnecessary lights.  The lighting around the site is kept to a minimum to allow everyone to enjoy the night sky.

Thoughtful Purchasing
We use recycled paper or paper from sustainable sources. We use local producers and suppliers whenever possible and phosphate free “environmentally friendly” cleaning products.
Please think of the environment before making any purchases and re-use shopping bags.

The best way to cut pollution is to reduce the number of car journeys. Please walk, cycle or use public transport whenever possible. A guide to local public transport and bus timetables are available in reception.

In March 2009 we planted over 150 trees on site creating a small woodland and windbreaks.  This will, eventually, become a wildlife haven and shelter for native creatures as well as campers!

What we plan to do ….
We also intend to continue to increase the number of native plants and hedges around the site and replace non-native species.  The Cornish hedges will not be cut right back as these are important wildlife habitats and the dog walk area has some uncut grass areas. 

Please respect the plants and wildlife and instruct your children not to harm them.

Tower Park is surrounded by Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and by following these simple suggestions we can help to keep it that way.  We are not perfect but are trying hard to reduce our impact on the environment. We welcome your feedback in ways we could improve and would appreciate your help.


Privacy Policy - Tower Park Caravans and Camping 2008

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